About the Company

The Company’s mission: Provision of high-quality and comprehensive solutions in the field of petroleum engineering and designing

The Company’s purpose

Reaching leading positions and substantial expansion of the market niche in the territory of the Russian Federation and republics of the Customs Union.

The Company’s competitive advantages

  • » A broad spectrum of high-quality services;
  • » Comprehensive approach to task solution;
  • » Unification of standards;
  • » Knowledge of the Russian and Western technologies;
  • » Work quality control in accordance with international standards;
  • » Professional management with extended work experience;
  • » Work performance guarantees;
  • » Transparent pricing;
  • » Excellent business reputation in the service market.

NIPI-R foundation

Limited Liability Company “Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas-R” was set up in July 2013. The Company’s founders are a group of highly qualified specialists of petroleum industry.

Stages of the Company’s development

  • 1989 - A group of feasibility study of investments in Russian oil industry is set up in the first Soviet-American Joint Venture "MD SEIS".
  • 1991 - MD SEIS Consulting is registered, and starts to receive orders from Russian and foreign companies for development of feasibility studies for setting up joint ventures. With the participation of MD SEIS Consulting on the basis of the Reservoir Engineering Department, NizhnevartovskNIPIneft Research and Design Institute, Nizhnevartovsk, CJSC "ENCONCO" is set up for engineering and design projects. Projects are performed for Nizhnevartovskneftegas, Megionneftegas, Varieganneftegaz Associations.
  • 1994 - CJSC "ENCONCO" and MD SEIS Consulting receive orders for engineering and design projects from major Russian and international oil companies, such as LUKOIL, Rosneft, Calgary Overseas, CONOCO, BRIDAS, SOCO, AGIP. The companies employ specialists from VNIIneft and VNIIOENG Research Institutes.
  • 1997 - CJSC "ENCONCO" is reregistered in Moscow as a private independent company. MD SEIS Consulting experts join CJSC "ENCONCO". The Company continues to grow successfully. ExxonMobil, SHELL, TNK, and other companies are among the Company’s clients.
  • 2000 - Geostream Services Group, an independent engineering and consulting group of companies, is set up on the basis of CJSC "ENCONCO"
  • 2005 - LLC "Geostream Services Group" becomes an integrated service company, with Geostream Drilling drilling company set up as part of the group. The company starts drilling at the CJSC Oil Company “Nobel Oil" field in the Republic of Komi.
  • 2008 - Key Energy Services Inc., a major US corporation with an annual turnover of about $2 billion and more than 150 branches specialized in well services, headquartered in Houston, Texas, becomes a shareholder of LLC "Geostream Services Group".
  • 2013 - Key Energy Services Inc. buys out 100% shares of LLC "Geostream Services Group." The company's management, as well as the team of CJSC "ENCONCO" leaves LLC "Geostream Services Group".
  • 2014 - LLC “Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas-R” (LLC “NIPI-R”) commences to work. Along with JSC "ENCONCO" specialists the company employs LLC "Oil Services Group" specialists. ExxonMobil concludes a long-term service contract with the Company for "Sakhalin-1" project’s fields. OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" accredits LLC “NIPI-R” for feasibility assessments of investments in the oil and gas industry for their clients.

Activity directions

Main directions of the Company’s activity are scientific studies and engineering in the petroleum field, namely:

  • » petroleum geology;
  • » development of oil, gas and gas/condensate fields;
  • » enhanced oil recovery for field development;
  • » research and development studies;
  • » comprehensive solutions for hydrocarbon field development;
  • » reserves audit and feasibility assessment of efficiency of investments in oil production.

Quality, certification and safety of work

A quality management system has been implemented in the company and provides for organization and effective work and service process management, as well as the Company’s management processes. Creation of favorable and safe labor conditions, health and personnel performance maintenance, as well as a complex of measures for environmental protection is a key principle of the Company’s activity. LLC “NIPI-R” operates in strict compliance with safety and environmental protection laws of the Russian Federation and adheres to ISO Series 14000 and OHSAS 18001 international standards. Management policy is focused on involvement of employees at all levels so that safety and quality maintenance becomes an integral part of day-to-day employee’s behavior at work and at home.

Engineering service

Petroleum geology

  • » Seismic data interpretation;
  • » Seismic data analysis;
  • » Well log and test data interpretation, including for complex reservoir rocks (fracturing, vugginess, dual media, etc.);
  • » Geological modeling of unconventional reservoir rocks and complex objects, including conceptual modeling;
  • » 3D digital geological modeling;
  • » Design of geological or mining allotment for hydrocarbon exploration and production;
  • » Prospecting and appraisal projects for hydrocarbon deposits and fields;
  • » Hydrocarbon reserves estimate, including for oil source rocks: Bazhenov and analogous reservoir rocks (Domanikov, etc.).

Oil and gas field development

  • » Pressure-transient, well log and test data analysis;
  • » Field development analysis;
  • » Building 3D digital field models;
  • » Calculation of field development technological parameters;
  • » Preparation of technological documents for field development;
  • » Technological calculations and completion of enhanced oil recovery projects for high-viscosity oil field development (wet in-situ combustion, heat carrier injection, polymer flood);
  • » Engineering support for hydrocarbon remaining reserves development (development analysis, study program, localization of remaining reserves, enhanced oil recovery activities based on 3D modeling);
  • » Preparation of feasibility justification of oil, gas and condensate recovery factors;
  • » Audit of recoverable reserves and feasibility assessment of investment efficiency in oil and gas production.

Development of Geoplat Pro-RS simulator


Geoplat Pro-RS - Geoplat Pro-RS is a parallel simulator with flexible architecture, which allows for entering new physical processes into algorithms as soon as possible.

The product has been developed since 2015 and now it is a computation core with implemented two-phase immiscible model, “BlackOil” three-phase model and the user’s pre- and post-processing as a part of Geoplat Pro-G. Functionality allows for performing a standard cycle of simulation from re-scaling and history-matching to modeling data analysis and technological assessment of oil and gas field development scenario.

One of the key product’s purposes is a consideration of any dependences in initial equations, followed by adjustment of simulator to unique flow conditions of any hydrocarbon field.

Pro-RS is a new generation simulator capable of exceeding existing commercial products by individual approach to solution of production tasks of field development..

Key advantages

  • » product’s innovation architecture;
  • » adjustment of simulator individually for each field;
  • » multi-threaded calculations;
  • » research and development use for modeling of unique physical processes;
  • » russian-language technical support;
  • » unified software platform, from seismics to development of oil and gas fields, based on a single database and visualization module.

Planned functionality of the final product.

  • » integration into a single software platform;
  • » three-phase model (oil, gas, water);
  • » compositional modeling module;
  • » thermal modeling module;
  • » surface production gathering system module;
  • » concurrent running;
  • » reading and conversion of other simulators’ formats (Eclipse, Tempest, tNavigator);
  • » setting aquifers (Fetkovich, Carter-Tracy, numerical);
  • » scaling of relative phase permeability plots;
  • » support of various well models (vertical, horizontal, multi-lateral);
  • » various types of well management (by depression, water cut, flowrate, etc.);
  • » corner point geometry, non-adjacent connections;
  • » local grid downscaling/upscaling;
  • » hydraulic fracturing modeling;
  • » wellbore flow model;
  • » input and modeling data analysis;
  • » modification of 3D grid and geological/simulation model parameters;
  • » operation with functions of relative phase permeabilities and capillary pressure;
  • » well spotting with setting technical development parameters;
  • » determination of multi-component system composition (PVT-module);
  • » simulation model’s history-matching (manual, automatic);
  • » modeling data visualization;
  • » support of various reservoir stimulation methods (polymer flood, surfactant flood, carbon dioxide flood, etc.);
  • » dual porosity and dual permeability flow models for modeling processes in fractured-porous reservoirs.

The Company’s major projects

  • Design work “Addendum to Technological Scheme of Development, Chaivo Field. Sea of Okhotsk Shelf. “Sakhalin-1” Project and CCFD Expertise and Consideration Follow-up”

  • Design work “Addendum to Technological Scheme of Development, Odoptu Field. Sea of Okhotsk Shelf. “Sakhalin-1” Project and CCFD Expertise and Consideration Follow-up”

  • Design work “Addendum to Technological Scheme of Development, Arkutun-Dagi Field. Sea of Okhotsk Shelf. “Sakhalin-1” Project and CCFD Expertise and Consideration Follow-up”

  • Development Analysis and Selection of Optimum Enhanced Oil Recovery Scenario, D2st, Yuzhno-Oshskoye Field

  • Expert and Analytical Evaluation of Feasibility Parameters of Oil Field Development, Mogutovsky, Vorontsovsky and Gremyachevsky Licensed Areas

  • Development Analysis, Calculation of Technological Parameters, Western Block, Bortovoi Licensed Area; Well Test Data Analysis, Bortovoi Licensed Area (Eastern Block), and Work Program Development, Western Part, Karpensky Oil/Gas/Condensate Field. Reserve Estimation and Development Parameter Calculation, Koltogorsky Licensed Area

  • Peer Review of Long-Term Production Program of Development Under Design Financing for PJSC “Gazprombank”, Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye Field

  • Technical Expertise of Production Program, LLC “OC “North Lights”, Prepared for Restructuring and Payment of SC “Vnesheconombank” Accrued Expenses

  • Seismic and Geologic Interpretation of Seismic and Log Data, Tatyshlinskoye Field

  • Project of Hydrocarbon Deposit Exploration, Miocene, Odoptu-More Field (Central and Southern Domes) and New Hydrocarbon Prospecting

  • 3D CDP Seismic and Log Data Processing and Comprehensive Interpretation For New Hydrocarbon Prospecting, Odoptu-More Field

  • Expert Findings on Report “Integrated Study of Waterflood Reservoir Engineering and Production Analysis, Benakat Timur Field, Indonesia”

Our major Clients


Exxon Neftegas Limited – “Sakhalin 1” Project operator


LLC “BashNIPIneft”


OJSC Oil Company “Neftisa”


CJSC “ForteInvest”


JSC “Messoyakhaneftegaz”


CJSC “Antipinski Refinery”


LLC “Nobel Oil” Operating Company


LLC “Oil Company “North Lights”

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